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“The Joker” G&G 556 body set

“The Joker” G&G 556 body set

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“The Joker“
a little different from the other lowers we normally offer, This G&G armament M4 body set is full metal with a bright purple base and a heavy green mamba splatter. 
Retail price for something like this would be $320 our price $240

*buyer beware this product was previously second hand. despite that fact our team at IJA makes sure that product we receive for pre cerakoted products are usable and not damaged in crucial areas or cracked.

condition: near perfect, hole where trigger resides  milled out a bit for better fitment with aftermarket triggers. 

compatible with AirTac gen 1 or gen 3 upper. Does not work with AirTac/speedqb upper .


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